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Feb 13

A Florist-inspired Responsive Business Catalyst Template

Posted by Dan Smith on Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Flora’s Garden is TribeVita’s newest responsive framework, designed as a florist. This template represents a minimal and versatile design, but there is nothing “minimal” about this template in terms of functionality.  This is one of a handful of TribeVita templates that includes both an e-commerce and standard website that is responsive with unique experiences for desktop, tablet and mobile.  Besides the responsive functionality, this template also includes a featured products slider, wish list functionality, product reviews, a gallery, testimonial web app, and an enhanced site search.  Flora’s Garden represents flexibility in many ways, from the design, to the pre-styled Business Catalyst modules, custom web apps, and a device specific experience!  Whatever your next website project, Flora’s Garden would surely match up to your clients’ needs.


Jan 31

Belo's Boutique - A Fashion Boutique E-commerce Business Catalyst Template

Posted by Dan Smith on Thursday, January 31, 2013

Belo’s Boutique is TribeVita’s newest e-commerce template, inspired by an online Fashion Boutique.  The large imagery is perfect for showcasing the product lines.  The design elements are simple to let the products and photography drive the look of this site. This e-commerce template has some unique features including an enhanced site-wide search that searches both products and website content, and displays them separately.  Belo’s Boutique also has a Request a Catalog form, a featured product slider, a popular “Write a Review” module and a My Wish list feature. Belo’s Boutique offers a slick carousel and a framework ideal for most any company looking to sell their tangible products online. Check out this newest “ready-to-go” web business today.

Dec 20

Corked Wine Trail - A Wine Store Inspired Business Catalyst Template

Posted by Dan Smith on Thursday, December 20, 2012

Corked Wine is our newest TribeVita template with responsive e-commerce functionality. This Winery and wine shop-inspired template has design considerations for homepage product placement, catalogue styles and product detail designs, along with e-commerce utility pages that provide responsive technology. The design considerations and development make Corked Wine a versatile framework that you could use for almost any genre of business. This e-commerce framework allows your client to sell products online with a unique device-specific experience, but without the need to manage products and content for different device experiences. This saves you and your client time and money.  Checkout Corked Wine and its responsive e-commerce functionality today. [Continue...]